Levira to expand its server hosting centre


Levira is going to build a new high-level server centre to increase its activities as a hosting provider. The new server room will meet the highest ISKE (three-stage baseline security system) and other international security and quality standards.

“We have been offering high-quality server hosting services to companies with major IT needs for years. The recent severe failures in the provision of telecommunication services from some of the data centers in Tallinn show that there is a very real need for higher-quality server hosting,” commented Tõnis Kulm, head of Levira’s cloud services. “Such major disruptions have prompted to pay more attention to service quality and redundancy systems, both locally and internationally. It is time for Levira’ to extend its server hosting offering and we are determined to do that with the highest standards in mind.”

Levira expects to complete the new high-level server room in its server hosting centre in August 2013.