Levira started to offer cloud services


In January, Levira launched a cloud hosting portal, where clients can easily rent virtual Linux, Solaris or Windows servers or build virtual server parks. The portal is aimed mainly for small and medium enterprises in the Nordic, Central and Eastern European countries.

According to Mart Einpalu, CEO of Levira, the launch of cloud services is a part of Levira’s long-term strategy. “Companies need to look ahead and identify services that would ensure their competitiveness and sustainability also in the future. Today, most services rely on an effective, flexible and secure IT infrastructure, and its role will grow. We aim to be a flexible and reliable partner for companies, who wish to increase the efficiency of their business operations, by helping them provide services on whole new grounds.”

“We want to offer our clients a secure IT environment: either to take their business to a new level, to start a new business, or to implement short-term projects in a flexible development environment,” said Tõnis Kulm, head of Levira’s cloud services. “At present, Levira Cloud rents machinery that is based on KVM or Solaris Zones technologies and that allows to use Linux, Solaris and Windows applications. Soon, we will add also various other solutions, including media services, to this platform.”