Levira and ERR started digital HD transmission of ETV


Levira and the Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) signed a cooperation agreement to start transmitting the basic ETV programme also in the 1080i HD format in the second-generation digital TV network DVB T2.

This is a pilot project to convert the signal of the basic ETV programme into an HD signal to be transmitted all over Estonia via Levira’s network of transmitters. Among other things, new technologies will be tested to identify the best signal reception parameters for different screens: for TVs, tablet computers and car receivers with the necessary technical capacities.

“Surveys show that there are about 250,000 HD TVs in Estonian households. The choice of HD-quality channels, however, is small. HD transmission of ETV is the first step for us and ERR in eliminating this shortcoming in digital TV. Our aim to improve the quality of antenna signals at homes to offer our viewers top-quality TV experience,” said Mart Einpalu, CEO of Levira.

“It should also be noted that regular HD transmission is much more expensive than transmission in the usual format,” said Margus Allikmaa, CEO of ERR, with a view to long-term planning. “The Estonian Public Broadcasting does not have sufficient state budget funds for HD transmission in the coming years. Given that we offer parallel transmission of ETV, the basic programme, and perhaps also ETV2 in the future, HD transmission of TV programmes in pay-TV channels will be an option in case of sufficient demand,” Allikmaa added.

To see ETV HD in the DVB-T2 network (under multiplex 7), the viewer must have a TV with DVB-T2 support or a DVB-T2 digibox. ETV HD can be seen through roof antennas all over the country, except for the islands. In the close proximity of transmitter stations the signal is receivable also with indoor antennas.

The DVB-T2 signal is transmitted by the following frequency channels and stations: E42 in Tallinn, E46 in Kohtla-Nõmme, E27 in Koeru, E49 in Pärnu and E35 in Valgjärve. Further information and the map of transmitter stations is available on Levira’s website https://www.levira.ee/. In case a TV with DVB-T2 support or a DVB-T2 digibox does not automatically find the programme “ETV HD”, the viewer should conduct a new programme search. The new programme is usually located at the end of the programme list.

The DVB-T2 transmission standard is used in the majority of Estonia’s neighbouring countries, including in Finland, Sweden, Russia and Ukraine.