Software Upgrades for Reception Devices

Levira offers OTAD (Over the Air Download) service to the manufacturers and distributors of reception devices.
Our OTAD service is designed for set top boxes and TV sets with integrated digital receivers to fix software errors and add functions to these devices.

The OTAD service lies in transmitting new system software updates (SSU) to the digital TV receiver via Levira’s DVB-T network, which saves the user the trouble of taking the device back to the shop or service point. This saves time and money for the manufacturer, the retailer and the end-user.

Every SSU is preceded by an interoperability test (IOT) by Levira. The purpose of the IOT is to check whether the software update complies with the DVB-T network and the signal is in accordance with the standard.

Levira does not test the features of the new software but only whether the receiver accepts the update and continues to function. The manufacturer or distributor has sole responsibility for deciding on new features the software includes and what kinds of problems it eliminates.

Service terms and conditions:

  • Please contact us at to receive SSU service documentation and a personalised offer based on your needs.
  • Fill in the received service information form and return it to or fax it to +372 680 4001.
  • Deliver the Transport Stream file that includes the SSU to Levira by e-mail or via FTP.
  • Provide us with a sample receiver.
  • Levira will conduct an IOT to verify that the OTAD is compatible with the network.
  • We will transmit the software update in the national multiplex for an agreed period. After the agreed period ends, the update will be removed from the air.
  • The maximum time of service delivery is 15 working days.
  • We also publish information about available software updates on our website, if required.
  • We charge for the service in advance.

For further information about the service contact us at