Measuring and monitoring


Levira performs various technical measurements related to radio technology. Through interpretation of measurements, the following is possible:

  • Discovering and pinpointing disruptions
  • Measuring and mapping coverage
  • Network planning oversight
  • Inspection of various signal parameters

The primary environments to be measured are:

  • Radio and TV transmitters output parameters
  • Cables (such as antenna feeders)
  • Antennas (such as radio and TV transmitter antennas)
  • Airwaves (measuring signal received)

Levira uses a specially-outfitted bus to perform measurements. In addition to measuring equipment, the vehicle has an approximately 10-meter telescoping antenna tower as well as portable instruments for measuring high-frequency signals. Measurements can be performed inside as well as outdoors.


Levira performs monitoring and administration of clients’ networks and network devices at its monitoring and command center in Tallinn TV-Tower 24/7. The service is aimed at clients for whom it is important that network connections and other technical devices work properly in their day-to-day business operations.

We have extensive experience in developing, integrating and utilizing on a daily basis special solutions (such as specific broadcasters, controller systems, cooling equipment, security devices) as well as IP-based (SNMP, web, etc) administration systems.

Levira has developed an Estonia-wide 24/7 monitoring system designed to monitor and administer transmitter towers and the devices in towers.