Certification of TV Reception Devices


Levira offers the service of verifying and testing TV reception devices (digital TV boxes and TV sets), which allows using a special Digilevi logo when selling these devices to end-customers.

Given the technical complexity of digital reception and the large number of reception devices and formats used, the Government Committee for Transition to Terrestrial Digital Television developed the Digilevi logo for labelling TV receivers that are compatible with the networks used for transmitting Estonian statewide TV programmes.

The purpose of the Digilevi logo is to notify consumers that the device has been tested and it ensures the reception of statewide TV programmes. Prerequisite to using this logo is that marked devices have been certified by the network operator, AS Levira, as being compatible with the Estonian digital TV network.

The receivers are tested in Levira’s testlab. After a successful compliance test, Levira concludes a licence agreement with the applicant for the right of use of the logo.

Information about all tested receivers is published on the Digilevi TasutaTV website.

The use of the Digilevi logo is free of charge for companies that have signed an agreement and received the right to use the logo. Device testing is a paid service.

The tested device can be also left at Levira’s lab to ensure its compliance after upgrades and changes in networks.

For further information about the terms and conditions as well as to apply for the compliance test, please contact us at stb@levira.ee.