Tower Works

We perform different tower works (equipment installations, maintenance, antenna work, etc for all widely used technologies) at our own and external sites.

As the constructor of numerous statewide radio and television TV networks, Levira has diverse experience in transmission tower works as well as related project management.

Tower works include network and tower sites planning, provision of sites with the necessary technical equipment (electricity, Internet connection, heating, cooling, etc.), installation of antennas and other devices in towers. We are experienced in installing complex and massive TV and radio transmission antennas as well as standard mobile and wireless data communication devices and antennas (radio links, WiFi antennas).

Scandinavian occupational and safety standards are followed in all transmission tower works.

Our advantages in performing different tower works:

  • long experience in working at (extreme) heights: Levira‚Äôs towers are considerably higher and more specific than typical mobile network towers)
  • experience in installing different radio communication antennas and cables
  • experience in different types of towers (self-supporting towers, guyed towers, Tallinn TV Tower)
  • flexibility in work planning and adherence to performance deadlines
  • taking responsibility for installation and maintenance works performed by us