Tower and Site Rental

Levira rents out tower space and sites within its entire network of transmission towers in Estonia. These sites are most suitable for customers who wish to use solutions based on radio communications (WiFi points, radio links, local radio stations, 2G/3G/4G networks).

Levira’s transmission towers are the highest in Estonia (up to 349 m), providing good coverage and better conditions for devices that require line of sight. Our clients include all Estonian telecommunication companies, many state and research institutions, security companies, major Estonian radio programme operators and other organisations.

Our advantages:

  • high towers allow increased cost-effective coverage
  • sites are technically well prepared
  • possibility to use devices with different size and power consumption
  • available reserve power (UPSs, generators)
  • possibility to get assistance from Levira’s experienced staff in planning, installation and maintenance
  • ensured access to the client’s equipment and prompt information about any performance disruptions
  • possibility to use our 24/7 monitoring service

Information about the locations of Levira’s masts is available here.