Multichannel Playout Centre

One of the largest independent play-out centres in Northern Europe is at Levira.

Since 2007 we have developed state-of-the-art facility, its capability and our skills and expertise to be able to provide the best TV-channel play-out and Media Management services.

Levira’s fully automated play-out system provides utmost flexibility, allowing custom-tailored services for every client’s specific needs. There are no limits – from a basic simple SD service to a complex HD service with Dolby Surround, DVB subtitles and simultaneous play-out in SD as well as any other features a modern TV channel may require.

Opt-out (content/ad-insertion) services allow broadcasters to launch local versions of their international or regional feeds, either by adding local promos and commercials or even changing a part of the channel’s content in order to meet the viewers’ expectations on a certain market. The service follows triggers from the original feed or schedules of the original channel and switches to local content when instructed.

As an option a combination of full play-out and opt-out service can be tailored on request.

All Levira’s services are characterised by flexibility, rapid deployment and a very competitive price level. Our skilled, experienced, devoted, multilingual team makes sure you receive the best service.

Service range includes:

  • Incoming content management
  • Capturing content from file, tape or live feed
  • Basic non-linear editing and repurposing
  • Automated and manual QC
  • Storage and redelivery
  • Playlist compilation
  • HD or SD or HD&SD simultaneous play-out
  • HD or SD opt-out for localization
  • Part time full play-out combined with opt-out for further localization
  • Automatically created on-screen menus, based on playlist metadata
  • On screen graphics/texts/crawls etc.
  • Live news feeds from XML/RSS/SMS feeds
  • Live broadcasts with control and monitoring
  • Numerous audio tracks
  • Open, teletext, DVB or OP47 subtitles in several languages
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Compliance recording
  • Transcoding, NLE, VoD encoding
  • Multiscreen delivery, live web-streaming

All outgoing signals can be encoded into various formats and delivered to destination networks, teleports or other hand-over locations all over Europe.

Please find more details about Levira Play-out Centre here.