Levira’s new double expanding OB vehicle has the operating capacity of up to 16 LDX80 cameras and up to four 8-channel SloMo servers. The truck shall be equipped with Ross Carbonite Black HDTV Vision mixer, Lawo Mc2 56 Mark II audio console, 5.1 Dolby Digital audio system, Imagine Platinum routing system, fully digital Riedel intercom and VSM Virtual Studio Manager for configurations.



Technical Highlights:

1. Cameras: up to 16x Grass Valley LDX 80 Flex with Fiber XCU Elite
2. Super Slow Motion cameras available on request
3. Slow Motion servers: up to 4x 8-channels (EVS, BLT, Grass Valley)
4. Lenses: various set of Canon and Fujinon lenses from wide to long
BOX lenses
6. Production switcher: ROSS Carbonite Black 3 M/E
7. CG: INTV Atlas Sport graphics systems with automated data
transfer from scoreboards (Nautronic, Stramatel, Bodet)
8. Monitor wall: 6x TV Logic LHM-460A
9. Camera shading: 3x SONY PVM-A170, 4x TV Logic LQM-171W,
1x TV Logic LVM-170A
10. Control system: Lawo VSM
11. Distribution and Conversion: Imagine Communications Selenio
12. Multiview system: Imagine Communications PlatinumTM SX Pro
13. Video router: Imagine Platinum 15RU 192×192 (up to 256×216)
14. Measurement equipment: Imagine TVM9150PKG and TVM-4DG
15. VTR: up to 6x VTR’s
16. Master Timing Generator Set: SPG’s 2x VSG-4MTG,
VSX-11-3G with GPS

1. Audio mixer: Lawo mc 2 56 MKII HD (16+16c+16)
2. Embedders and De-embedders: Lawo V-Pro8
3. Audio monitoring: Genelec 5.1
4. Microphone park: Sennheiser and Neumann
5. Audio playback: SCS Pro and SONY Sound Forge AudioStudio 10

Intercom equipment
1. Intercom matrix: Riedel Artist digital intercom system
2. Wireless Talk-Bacs: Riedel and Motorola
3. Commentator Units: 2x Riedel CCP-1116

Coach Build
1. Vehicle: FM 500
2. Length: 12 meters
3. Width (stowed): 2,55 meters
4. Width (expanded): 4,81 meters
5. Height: 4 meters
6. Weight: 20 tones

Special Features
1. Dual side expansion
2. Self leveling hydraulic jacking system
3. Protective fold down roofs on each expandable side
4. Motorized power cable
5. Additional interior floor heating
6. Exterior mechanics heating, preparation for cold climate