Content Management and Streaming

Repurposing refers to the preparation of files for various non-linear platforms and the reformatting of incoming content that is not compatible with target play-out systems.

During Ingestion content from tapes (HDCAM, HDCAM SR, Betacam SP or SX, Digital Betacam, MPEG/IMX, DVCAM or DVD/Blu-ray) is converted into digital file format. During the process the file will be named, marked and trimmed according to the needs of the customer. The result of the Ingestion Service is a high-resolution file, ready for broadcast, and also a low-resolution file for preview, translation and for other needs.

Transcoding to different files and formats is done automatically according to pre-defined parameters under the supervision of a media management system. The primary tool utilized for this process – Carbon Coder – is a universal Transcoding application that facilitates the transfer of media between acquisition, editing, play-out, archive, Web, mobile and more. Supporting all major formats, Carbon Coder is continually updated to accommodate new formats. Besides Carbon Coder also other tools – e.g. AmberFin iCR, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Microsoft Smooth Streaming Exporter, HTTP Live Streaming Exporter, FAB Subtitler – are used in case of a need.

The service also includes file processing, including re-naming, transfer to Levira’s, the Client’s or third party FTP servers,

The service may also include audio-video processing, re-naming, transfer to Levira’s, the Client’s or a third party’s FTP servers, Signiant, Aspera, SmartJog or other dedicated file transfer systems servers, tape, HDD, DVD and Blu-ray packing for later delivery and others.

Video processing includes raw material removal, colour correction, as well as adding graphics, texts, subtitles and other video effects. Audio processing includes audio normalization in line with industry standards, audio channel sequencing, synchronisation, etc.

Quality Control
All ingested and/or Transcoded files shall be QC-d using a fully automated system, which needs human interference only in case of detected problems with content quality. The QC system is an automated content verification system for file-based SD, HD, and mixed workflows. Supporting multiple codecs and media containers, it ensures quality assessment of media content before delivery. A software only solution, it is highly flexible and can be quickly scaled for high volume of content. Its support for parallel processing enables convenient handling of increased verification load. Additionally, three-spot visual QC of files, including audios and subtitles, to insure synchronization, will be carried out.

Basic properties of quality control platform

Supported containers

MXF, Transport Stream, Elementary Stream, Program Stream/VOB, AVI, WMV/ASF, QuickTime/MOV, GXF, MP4, 3GPP, LXF, R3D, DPX, DXW, HLS, DASH, Smooth Streaming

Supported video codecs

H.264 (AVC/AVC-Intra/MVC 3D), MPEG-2 (including XDCAM, IMX and D-10), ProRes, JPEG 2000, DNxHD (VC-3), Cineform (VC-2), VC-1 (and WMV), DV/DVCPro, Flash VP-6/7, RAW (Huffman, YUV, RGB, Blackmagic), RED, EXR, DPX, Canopus

Supported audio codecs

PCM Audio (WAV/AES/BWF), Dolby Digital (AC-3), DD+ (EAC-3), Dolby TrueHD (MLP), Dolby E, AAC, HE-AAC, WMA Standard/Pro, MPEG-2 (Layer 1,2,3), MPEG-1

Supported subtitle formats

Line 21, CEA-608, CEA-708, Timed Text, STL, SRT, SCC

Standard tests

Metadata Restrictions (Container, Video, Audio), Macroblock Noise, Black/Freeze Frames with Silence, Letterboxing/Pillarboxing, Peak Audio Levels, Silence, Clipping, Test Tones, Audio Snaps/Clicks/Pops, Channel Phase Detection

Addititonal tests with „Pro“ version

Macroblock Noise/Cloud Detection, Upconversion Detection, Comb Artifacts, Field Swaps, Tape Hits, Perception-Based Artifacts (Film & Analog Noise), Average Loudness (A/85, R128, ARIB), Mono Audio Detection in Stereo Pair, HardingFPA Certified Flash/PSE Detection, Rude Word Detection for Text, QP Blurring, Audio Hiss & Hum, Wow & Flutter Detection

Encoding an syntax tests

Syntax Tests (MPEG-2, H.264, MVC, VC-1, AC-3, Dolby E, 608 & 708 captions, DVB subtitles, teletext, Transport/Program Stream, GXF, MXF), CableLabs VOD, iTunes, Netflix, XDCAM, ATSC, DVB, ISDB/ARIB, AS-02, AS-11/DPP

QC process speed

SD quality check takes place 2-5 faster than in real time,HD materials are processed in real time depending on the number of CPU cores and GPU efficiency.Servers used in Levia afford simultaneous check of four files with 16 CPU cores and TESLA K20 GPU.

Essential software used

 Product Function 
 ProMedia Carbon  Transcoding
 Final Cut Studio  Video Editing
 Adobe Premiere Pro  Video Editing
 FAB Subtitler  Subtitling
 Amberfin iCR  Ingest / Layback
 Blackmagic  Ingest / Layback
 Digimetrics Aurora Pro   Quality control


Supported tape formats

  • Digital Betacam
  • Betacam SX
  • Betacam SP
  • Betacam