Levira´s history is intertwined with the development of broadcasting in Estonia, dating back to the beginning of last century.

* 1924 May, 14th – the first test radio program in Haapsalu
* 1926 Dec, 18th – the beginning of regular radio broadcasting in Estonia

In 1997-2004 the company operated under the name EBTC (Estonian Broadcasting Transmission Centre). From May, 19th 2004 “Levira Ltd” became the official name of the company. Its shareholders are the Republic of Estonia which has a majority stake (51%) and the French telecom and broadcasting company TDF Group (49%).

Under the Levira trademark, the company’s activity is not solely restricted to broadcasting. We are looking into the promising future of of fast developing digital broadcasting and telecommunications. Technology and tight cooperation with partners and customers is the primary engine for company growth and the process of becoming more effective.