Levira’s goal is to fulfil clients’ wishes in the field of broadcasting, media and IT infrastructure services.

We manage clients’ critical service chains, which bring the TV and radio programmes, video files, ERP and other services to the end users. Our solutions focus on customers’ needs and are integrated with their service chains. Our clients – leading telecoms, broadcasting corporations, government agencies and companies – expect high service continuity, quality and flexibility from us.

Levira’s key services:

  • Network services, including TV and radio broadcast transmission, rental of transmission towers, construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks;
  • Data centre and cloud services;
  • Media services, including localisation, playout and transmission of TV channels to cable TV and other networks, streaming, VOD and other media management services;
  • Production and transmission of TV broadcasts.

We are headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, which is the company’s primary market, constituting over a half of Levira’s total turnover. We are the leading broadcast transmission provider in Estonia.

Our home markets for media services include the Baltic States, Scandinavia, and Central and Eastern Europe. Levira manages the leading TV play-out centre in Northern Europe, located in Tallinn.

Our home markets for data centre and cloud services are the Baltic States, Russia and Scandinavia. Levira is among the fastest growing service providers in that field.

Levira also manages the Tallinn TV Tower, a popular tourist attraction, through the TV Tower Foundation.

Levira values honesty, client orientation and quality. We highly appreciate innovation and dedication.

We are inspired by working with clients who have a vision of a better future and courage to challenge mediocrity with whom we can achieve ambitious goals. We know and understand our clients’ needs, and are a creative and reliable partner to them.

Levira has two shareholders: the Republic of Estonia (51%) and the French telecom and broadcasting company TDF Group (49%). Today, Levira employs 90 people.